Merchants Millpond State Park

I had a few days off so I took to the road hoping to get in a few days of cat  The park is located near the Dismal Swamp in eastern North Carolina, near the Virginia state line. IMG_1945 Continue reading

Zion National Park-Breathtaking!

Just inside Utah, above the Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful parks in America.  The Zion National Park is literally as awe inspiring as the Canyon.    The park is very busy, it is visited by millions of people per year. You have to go regardless.   IMG_3021 As you start to get closer to the park the rock formations begin to take on a different hue, the lines of millions of years of erosion begin to show clearly from miles away. Continue reading

Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam

Spending time at Lake Powell was a real treat.  After visiting the Canyon, we went up to Lake Powell and decided to spend some time there.  A few bucks for a boat and we were on the water.  The water is clear and cold

. The lake levels go up and down due to the amount of spring thaws that are available and how much water is being released downstream.  You could see the various levels in the rocks.   The Glen Canyon Reservoir provides water for  the states of  Arizona, California, and New Mexico, while holding water from the Colorado River for Utah Continue reading

Maui, one of the Pacific’s gems.

Going to Maui was another check off on the bucket list.   Betty and I were to meet some friends of ours there and spend a week sightseeing.  Upon arrival on a puddle jumper from Hawaii, we were surprised at how comfortable the temperatures were.  Low 80’s and a breeze were the norm.    After settling in our condo, we made a beeline to the local store to stock up on snacks and drinks.  The town of has plenty of tour guides that will take care of all your sightseeing schedules for you. Continue reading

Key West FL.Trip

I recently went to Key West with my brother Randy and my girlfriend Betty.  We had flights that were cancelled because of a massive snowstorm that was hitting the South.  We spent a day or so waiting to see if the airlines would reopen, going as far as rerouting through Atlanta.  But, those flights were also cancelled and it looked like the trip was a bust.  Continue reading