Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam

Spending time at Lake Powell was a real treat.  After visiting the Canyon, we went up to Lake Powell and decided to spend some time there.  A few bucks for a boat and we were on the water.  The water is clear and cold

. The lake levels go up and down due to the amount of spring thaws that are available and how much water is being released downstream.  You could see the various levels in the rocks.   The Glen Canyon Reservoir provides water for  the states of  Arizona, California, and New Mexico, while holding water from the Colorado River for Utah Continue reading

Maui, one of the Pacific’s gems.

Going to Maui was another check off on the bucket list.   Betty and I were to meet some friends of ours there and spend a week sightseeing.  Upon arrival on a puddle jumper from Hawaii, we were surprised at how comfortable the temperatures were.  Low 80’s and a breeze were the norm.    After settling in our condo, we made a beeline to the local store to stock up on snacks and drinks.  The town of has plenty of tour guides that will take care of all your sightseeing schedules for you. Continue reading

Visiting Lake Norman, NC

One of the biggest lakes in North Carolina is Lake Norman.    This man made lake is also home to Lake Norman State Park.  The park is full of things to do, including, biking, camping, boating, hiking, and plenty more.  Just before Charlotte NC, the Park is in Mooresville,  a small town that being discovered by more people each year.    The park however, seems to be somewhat lost in the mix,  it is always full, but has a peaceful feeling.  Continue reading