Kayaking the French Broad River

A few hours drive to the Asheville Outdoor Center was all it took to began our 4 hour trip down the river.  We were met by a group of great employees that took care of everything.  The place had hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill for those that needed a pick me up before launch. IMG_3327 The drive to the let in sight was 7 miles up river and it was easy a pie to get into the river.  Continue reading

Stone Mountain North Carolina

It’s early spring and the weather is perfect.  A great time to check out Stone Mountain State Park in North Carolina.   The park is just off the Blue Ridge Parkway about 10 miles from Sparta right up Highway 21. 

This weekend it is beautiful and the sun is shining.  It is going to be a great weekend.   I invited my sister along so we could spend so quality time together.   Continue reading