SC Beaches in October

Went to the beach this past weekend and visited Myrtle Beach. After a nice leisurely drive down some back roads we arrived in North Myrtle around lunch.  After checking in to our room, it was time to hit the stores since the weather wasn’t all that great.  In fact it was somewhat chilly.  The grand strand was getting the end of some storms coming up from Florida and the wind was pretty cold.  That was fine with us since we just wanted to relax anyway.IMG_1123  As you can see there were a few whitecaps on the ocean when we walked on the beach.   There wasn’t that many people there at all which is why we always hit a NC or SC beach in the late fall.  We usually get a few nice days in the 70’s and maybe a day or two of lower temps.  Those are the days we hit the stores.   A man can walk for miles in some of these shopping mall areas and I am usually rewarded with the opportunity to shop at Bass Pro Shop which has many things that can empty your wallet.  As the days get shorter, dinner time gets earlier and this trip was no exception.  IMG_1120 I always try to get to some good local places but after decades of going to these places it is hard not to go to the tried and true places that you know will give you your monies worth.   When you visit in the late fall you have to remember that all the college kids are gone, the locals are resting and you might get some inexperienced wait staff.  Don’t worry, just enjoy the ride.

When the weather is perfect, it is hard to beat, a chance to unwind, a chance to truly enjoy yourself.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why people have been drawn to the beaches of North and South Carolina for centuries.  I will have to say, there is a difference between say, Myrtle Beach, SC and a place like Ocean Isle or Holden Beach in North Carolina.   Maybe the biggest difference is in Myrtle Beach, you go looking for things to do, while in NC, you wait for it to come to you.  You cannot be disappointed with either.


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