Gems near the Blue Ridge Parkway

Sometimes you just get into the wrong situation, where you have to make the best of it. I was travelling near Mt. Mitchell, checking out some trails and waterfalls, basically just goofing off. The weather was great near the bottom of the gorge but as I got into higher elevations, snow began to fall. When you are on a winding road, with no one around it is time to be careful. Since it appeared that the snow was going to be piling up I decided to turn around at the top of the ridge, just past the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance.

I wanted to take it back to the cabin, but it was not going to be, I would have to turn around and back track. During my trip back, I passed a few “hikers” on the road, that were going to brave the snow for awhile. Just past a tight curve, I needed to slow down considerably to not slide. And that is when I saw it. A small waterfall off the side of the road. Just getting parked was a challenge but after making sure I would not have my vehicle hit with a sliding vehicle coming too fast around the curve, I walked a few feet to the waterfall that was going under the road, down the moutain. It was peaceful, with the big snow flakes hitting the water, the wind was blowing like it does on the mountain and it was perfect.

I got cold after a few minutes and decided that it was time to leave and search for that fire that was going to be built soon. It seems there are always beautiful things that are available to see if only we look for them. Enjoy each day.

Watch your six,


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