If you are looking for anything to do with the outdoors, you literally have millions of options.  Unfortunately, the places that you can buy this gear are either online or at a store near you.  If you go to an online retailer, you may find that your purchases don’t fit, aren’t the right color, poorly designed and maybe just not what you thought they were going to be.  Now you are stuck, either keep the item and make it work, return the item and wait for a refund (if any) and start all over.

It doesn’t get better if you go to your local outdoors center.  Most have the same manufacturers and carry the same gear.  These too have size issues, availability problems and may cost more.  While there you are also tempted to buy the latest and greatest, even though you already have two of them.

We are going to try to help with these problems.  Over the next few months, we are going to provide how to videos on types of gear we already own and purchase.