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What is Bucketlistcamping?   What is Bucketlistliving?  Think of it this way.   Each day we get up and go to work, maybe enjoying it, maybe not.  The weekend comes and we cut our yards, do our projects and take a little time for ourselves and our family.   But why is it that we live for tomorrow when we should be living for today.  I suspect that everyone has said to themselves that “when I retire, I will……” What is next?

Many years ago when I was much younger, I had the opportunity to do many things outdoors.  It became part of my being.  It might have been sports, camping, water related activities, etc..  But like most of us, we let work, family, and other things take precedent in our daily lives.  No longer do we do things each week, it might only be every other month.   Maybe even once a year.  As I got older, I kept getting this itch, to be outdoors having the fun I had when I was younger.  That is when it hit me.  Just do it. Seriously, just do it.

I want people to enjoy this site, it is my bucket list.  It will never be finished because the bucket keeps getting refilled.   I hope that maybe you will visit a place I have been to.  Maybe you will take one of my gear reviews and buy something.  Maybe you will just visit and tell me your bucket list.  Just enjoy the site.




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