Hanging Rock Day Two

The sun came up early and I wanted to get out to the mountainside before others got on the trails.  The day before I had been able to hike without seeing many other hikers.  This day the weather was cool and clear.  I started by going to a trail on the other side of the park, passing a few bike riders along the way.  I needed to hit the  trail hard since I had family coming up to hike the summit later that day.  Needless to say, it was a great hike, good clean trails, good picture taking. Continue reading

Stone Mountain North Carolina

It’s early spring and the weather is perfect.  A great time to check out Stone Mountain State Park in North Carolina.   The park is just off the Blue Ridge Parkway about 10 miles from Sparta right up Highway 21. 

This weekend it is beautiful and the sun is shining.  It is going to be a great weekend.   I invited my sister along so we could spend so quality time together.   Continue reading

Hiking Hanging Rock

This past spring I was fortunate to visit Hanging Rock State Park in North Carolina.  The park is known for its scenic views and well maintained hiking trails.   When I arrived, the wind was up and definitely brisk. 

I was really looking forward to camping since it was going to be the first time I got to use my new camping trailer.  After a few months of sawing, gluing, screwing and caulking my home made trailer was going to get it’s first test.  More on that later.. Continue reading

Visiting Lake Norman, NC

One of the biggest lakes in North Carolina is Lake Norman.    This man made lake is also home to Lake Norman State Park.  The park is full of things to do, including, biking, camping, boating, hiking, and plenty more.  Just before Charlotte NC, the Park is in Mooresville,  a small town that being discovered by more people each year.    The park however, seems to be somewhat lost in the mix,  it is always full, but has a peaceful feeling.  Continue reading