Bucketlists? Survival? Too much Gear?

Please, somebody help!  I’m drowning in opinions, lists, websites;  I can’t afford it and I am losing my mind!

This is how I felt a few years ago when I realized that my bucket list “time” was fast approaching.  There I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do in the next few years-retirement for some-was pretty hard considering all of the bad news coming from my television and internet.

What’s a guy supposed to do?  Worry about where he wants to visit before he dies or worry even more about how to take care of his family in case of a”zombie apocalypse?”  It seemed at the time that it was going to be pretty expensive to not only be happy and rested going forward but you also had to spend a pretty considerable amount of time making sure you and your loved ones were safe.   The last couple of decades have seen terrorism make to our shores and if you listen to some, the oceans are going to swap us in a few years.

Instead of worrying, I got to work.  I made a short list of things that I loved in life.  I tried to remember when I was the happiest.  Somethings, like hair on my head and a slim waist might be gone forever, but the mountains, our seashores, our beautiful land is primed for visiting.  Knowing my list realistically be filled with “see the world” type of items, especially since I still was fully employed, I decided to shorten my list to just a few things. I concentrated on where I could go in a weekend and how it would feed into my “survival” mentality.  What I came up with was camping (to get outdoors),survival planning (focus on purchases, training,etc…) and getting the gear necessary to be comfortable and safe.  GearCheck is nothing more than showing you some of the items I have purchased, the reasons for purchasing them and maybe a video or two of how to use the gear.  We all limited funds unless we are truly wealthy and I always appreciate someone showing me how to be self sufficient.

There is no right or wrong.  Feel free to comment on our pages, add your own thoughts.  Most of this is simple anyway.  Here is my moto, “if it ain’t fun, don’t do it.”