Yellowstone National Park… Smoke Season

A recent trip took me to Yellowstone and its natural wonders, but the day trip was marred by the amount of smoke that was coming into Wyoming from the western state fires. The locals call it Smoke Season and it lasts a few months or until the first snows began to put all the fires out. It was hard to imagine months of the smoke being there 24 hours a day. Just from my trip from the Northern border area to Yellowstone made my eyes water a bit and for sure, caused some dryness in the throat area. But if you are in Yellowstone, you have to see the sights.

You can see the haze in the foreground of this picture. The smoke obscured many long range views, so the trip was mostly a leisurely drive through the park.

Not to mention the smoke from western fires, but Yellowstone has had its share in the past few years. Around pretty much every bend in the road was a stand of dead trees, sometimes in the hundreds of thousands, taking up thousands of acres.

A waterfall was visible at one point and it clearly shows the destruction of some fire from a few years ago. The trees in the water demonstrate what most of the rivers looked like in Yellowstone. Regardless, the trip through the park was rewarding and everyone should get into the back country at some point, just to see the great vastness of the forest and be with the best that nature can offer. On my trip, a small bear crossed the road, a few bison were seen on the hill, a few elk were in the distance……but not many birds.

Enjoy the pictures, next we get to go to the Tetons.


Watch your six.

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