Hungry Horse Reservoir, Beautiful Ospreys!

On a recent trip out west, I was traveling with my brother when we saw a road to the Hungry Horse Reservoir, just outside Kallispell, Montana. Since both of us were under no pressure to be anywhere, we took the road and proceeded to travel around the massive reservoir. The lake is created by the Hungry Horse Dam and is a great trip. As we were going around the lake, with barely any traffic, we noticed an osprey nest in the trees.

Here is a picture of the lake with the nest on the right. A great view, but it wasn’t until I stopped to take the picture that I noticed the second osprey, guarding the nest on the left side of the picture.

The second bird, probably the male, was eyeing potential food from the lake. The Osprey feed on live fish and are one of many raptors that can be found in Montana. It is great to see wild animals and the Osprey were just one of many we saw on our trip.


Watch your six.

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