Falls Creek Falls, TN

On a recent camping trip to Rock Creek State Park, I had the occasion to take a side trip to Falls Creek State Park. Once there, you could see how this is the jewel of Tennessee State Parks. The tree lined roads were a delight to travel, the attractions were all around you. But since I came to check out the waterfalls, that was how I spent most of my time. The biggest waterfall in the park is Falls Creek Falls and it is truly beautiful. You can hike down to the river bed where it spills into or just view from the top. It appeared that there were trails around the top of the falls and beyond. On this trip, just the view from the top.

You really could just spend hours looking at the falls, listening to roar of the water going over the falls. The breeze was easy on my face and it was just a great sight. From there, I went down the road a short bit and came to Piney Creek Falls. After a short hike, the falls appears around a bend in the mountain. It is certainly a greal falls to visit. Hiking the falls will get you to the top or you can hike around the mountain and return to the parking lot. Regardless, great weather and good views make a fantastic day.

So it back to the campsite, a good fire and good company. Enjoy live while you can.

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