Shining Rock Wilderness Hike

Near the end of winter, I took a trip to Mt. Mitchell, just to get out of the house.  It seems that Covid 19 has an effect on everyone and I was definitely not immune.  So a early rise, a quick snack and off I went. 

The early morning was overcast, with some sun peeking through.  I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, so I let the roads make the decisions.  As I got closer to Mt. Mitchell, I cut up onto the Blue Ridge Parkway, hoping that traffic would be light and that I could bypass the closed roads.   After a few miles, snow could be seen on the sides of the roads and in the road in the shady spots.   After a few more miles, I hit the closed portion of the Parkway and had to take a side road. 

  The road took me to the main road beside the base of Mt. Mitchell.  As I passed the golf course, I remembered that a waterfall was close by.  I found the road I needed and was soon at the parking lot beside the trail head.  Snow was on the ground, about two inches as I began my hike.  A quiet forest met me as I slowly worked up the hill towards the falls.  The sound of water soon took over and after a couple of hundred yards; the falls appeared in front of me.  The Roaring Fork Falls are not the largest, nor the tallest, but when you are by yourself in a snow covered forest, it was perfect.  

I next took the few miles to Setrock Falls, which is about 10 or so miles away.  It took had no one seeing its beauty when I arrived.  I had to go to the Black Mountain Campground, which was closed at the time. Before going to the falls, I hike a couple of miles into the Shining Rock Wilderness area, but had to turn around due to the snow. 

Once I got back on the trail to Setrock Falls, I could see that there were a few hikers with me.  A wave of the hand and we parted going in separate ways.   As I arrived at the falls, the peacefulness of the mountain was overtaken by the water rushing down the rocks. 

Sometimes it seems unfair that I can hike and be in the forest by myself with such beauty.    Well, it was time to go, tomorrow was another hike day, going to more beautiful scenery nearby…….

Watch your six,


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