Hawksbill Mountain

It just takes a little effort, you have to get up, drive a few miles and hike a few miles. But the time spent with friends and beautiful scenery is worth it. I started early in the morning, got a good breakfast at the cabin and off to a local hike. A few miles later, you get to the turn in to Table Rock Rd or to Gingercake Rd. Both end in the same place.

Depending on where you start, will determine the length of your hike. We started near the Gingercake Rd trailhead and hiked the adjacent mountain to get to the most traveled area. That allowed us to “warm” up by getting an extra 1 1/2 miles in before we hit the main trail.

The trail begans with a meandering uphill climb, sometimes under canopy, sometimes spilling out to mountain side views. A few campsites can be seen, some of which we need to check out later. The air is cool, and the hike is beginning to get us sweating. Soon, we pass a few hikers, get to the top, only to start down hill again. We now are getting close to the most traveled trailhead.

As we climb the mountain, we run in to numerous hikers. Did I say this is a popular hike? It looked like a few others were thinking the same as us. We continued up the mountain, some loose rocks, a few wet areas later and we were there.

Like anyone else that has great views near where they live, this is a particular view I cannot get enough of. The clear sky showing Carolina Blue, the Linville Gorge, carved out by the Linville River over thousands of years, the Appalachian Trail, the Mountains to the Sea Trail, overlooks, awesome sunsets, all are here everyday. As we sat and took in the views, I was reminded that this is here for all of us, not to be spoiled by the next mansion on the hill or the next 4 lane highway.

Table Rock
Some folks just stay all day!
The Linville River

After enjoying the views, we headed back down the mountain and to the car. Why is it that the joy of hiking up a mountain, with the strain and effort, always more than the disappointment of hiking down the mountain? I guess it is knowing that it will be another day before you get to see the greatest of our country. I suspect I will make it up with a cold one beside a big fire tonight…..

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