High Rock in the Winter

Sometimes the cabin fever is too much.  I had to get out and do some hiking.  So on a cold day, warm sun, and a little breeze, I did some hiking at one of my favorite mountains.   When I got to the park, the parking lot was empty.IMG_4150What a great time to hike, empty trails, beautiful days.   So I took the falls trails and took my time, just breathing it all in.  This trail has many of the parks trail picnic sites and reminds me of my youth.

As you continue down the trail, you see the “rock” on your right, always there, always looking at you.  Deer were in the woods, acting like I was the interloper in their area.  Soon the first small falls comes into view and then just as you are catching a drink of water, the second small falls comes up on your right.  A view steps, a lot of rocks and water, always peaceful to hear.

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