South Mountain State Park, NC Cold and Quiet

Had a chance to visit South Mountain State Park this past week and truly enjoyed the trip.  I arrived in sunny, but cold, weather.  The park was empty except for a few hardy souls that were taking in the clean air and trails.  After I set up camp, I got my pack and started hiking.


Since I wanted to check out the Upper Falls, I first hiked the trail leading to the Upper Falls trail.  This 1 mile trail runs along the river and is a good, easy trail to warm up on.  The river was clear and inviting, but you could tell it was really cold.  The walk was nice to begin my day, but soon led directly to the Upper Falls trail.  The river trail is used to give nature talks and to just enjoy without too much work.

Once on the UP trail, you could see the river on one side and the trail ahead, after going down a set of stairs to get you on the trail, it is a slight upgrade until you get near the falls.

When you start up the trail near the falls you could tell that it was getting colder everytime you stepped into the shade. You can see ice on the railing provided by the park service.

And then you get to the falls, loud, cold and beautiful.  I never get enough of waterfalls, they are truly something to behold.  IMG_4322

and a short video to enjoy!

If you get a chance, visit the park and hike the falls.  Then take in miles of other trials just as good.  Of course, end you days with a fire and good food, good friends and good vibes.

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