River Walk on a not so Warm Day

Sometimes the cabin fever is just too much.  You know it is a little wet, a little colder than you want it to be, but you have to go outside.  A few weeks ago, we went on a nice hike at Tanglewood Park, IMG_3887which down the road a bit from my house.  I thought it would be a “boring” walk but it was just perfect.  The River Walk is about 2.5 miles or so through a bird sanctuary and partial bog.  It wasn’t a good time for the birds although we did see a few ducks.  Nor were the turtles out.   There were plenty of deer though.

As with many trips outdoors, the expectations of enjoyment can be exceeded.  About a mile or so in, we stop seeing other people and our conversations grew more enjoyable.  Anyone that hikes regularly prefers the quiet.  On the way out we pass the bog and some areas for the birds to build nests.  The trail is wide, beginning to green, with trees on each side.  The river is not in sight yet.


As you work your way through the bog area, you notice feeders and birdhouses.  The area is known for many species and bird watching is a favorite pastime of many that visit.  But we are here to see how the river is flowing.  It has rained for what seems like weeks and it should be moving pretty good.


Later this summer, I will bring my kayak and put in up river.  There is some pretty good fishing in the river but there are plenty of stags like downed trees and limbs.  You can’t get too serious about it.  As we were working our way up river, we noticed some herrons in nests across the river.  Big beautiful birds in flight, but today, just watching us.


Well, the hike finally ended, our car was still 3 miles away.  So a good 5 miles or so, deer, ducks, birds, and a nice river.  Good company and a good meal await.




Watch Your six.

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