First Amendment of the US Constitution

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

There it is. One of the greatest individual rights statements in the world.  There is literally no other statement that has been put in place that protects the rights of people to speak freely, to speak without fear of reprisal, from others and their government.

Yet in America today, and seemingly, all over the world, a new type of oppression is taking hold.  It is an organized, highly planned, massively funded attempt to keep citizens from expressing their opinions.  The members of this group are politicians, academics, social justice warriors and many more.  There goal is complete control of speech and expression.  Their target is you and I.

Recently, in a small town in North Carolina, a small group of social justice warriors decided to make a statement and began protesting about the removal of a confederate statute that had been up for over a hundred years.  The result, was a suppression of free speech by the local government, buoyed by a court ruling, ending in the statute being removed.


Some back story is required.  In North Carolina, one of the confederate states, there are many statutes from that timeframe.  Most are to honor the dead from the South, many honor both sides.  All are targets for removal by those that refuse to understand free speech.

In the past few years, America has changed dramatically.  The left has become organized like never before.  It is using the massive wealth of socialists like George Soros, coupled with the power of a left leaning government bureaucracy, made bigger by a never ending assault on the constitution by academics, to change the US from a republic to a socialist democracy.  Even the political party of the left, The Democrat Party, is fielding numerous candidates that are espousing the socialist mantra.


But back to the statute.  A small group of professional protesters decided that they did not want the statute to exist anymore.  Their reasoning.  It was racist, and hurtful to people that were victims of the southern ways of slavery.  In essence, it was not to exist in a town with a 50 percent black population.  So, these protesters, with the help of media and liberal academics, began a false campaign of protest, always saying the same thing.  That the statute should be no more, just because they want it gone.

Now, maybe you ask, there must have been thousands and thousands of people protesting, right?  In fact, a few dozen would be most that ever protested.  They did however go to the town meetings and give their opinion, along with those that opposed.  Free speech working the way it was supposed to work.  Yet the town council decided that the potential problems that the protesters were causing was enough to declare the statute a “nuisance” and force the owner, a private group called the Daughters of the Confederacy, to move the statute.  The DOC, refused, citing that the statute was on private property.  The ensuing lawsuits had the town winning and the appeals judge sided with the town, not ruling on free speech, but the town’s right to remove based on nuisance ordinances.


So, in a nutshell, a small segment of the population was able to suppress free speech of others based on what many believe is a bogus argument.  Is this what you want in your towns?  Is this how you want to view your fellow citizens?

Free speech is getting hammered all over the world.  Most would agree that speaking their mind can cause you to be blacklisted on social media, cause you to lose your job, possibly lose friends, not get into the school of your choice. etc.. A silent army of unelected officials,  HR employees, academics, bureaucrats, etc. can determine your success in this world.  There are plenty of examples in the news everyday.  But does the suppression of one person’s free speech mean the other side won.

Here is the rub.  Those that think they are winning today, will become the victims of tomorrow.  There is never a reason to limit free speech unless it is calling for straight out violence.

In the middle east, the Islamic State (ISIS) is famous for destroying anything that does not match their faith.   So in many cities and towns, countless antiquities were destroyed.  Statutes were destroyed, buildings were demolished, artworks were busted in attempts to erase history.  Isn’t that the only reason the statutes in North Carolina were taken down?  To erase history.   The efforts to erase history also have a sinister motive, it is to rewrite history.

I will let you decide if a few misguided folks in NC are the same as ISIS terrorists.  But can people understand that when we allow a few in our countries to determine if people can post on the internet, can honor their dead, or get into a university, then we are past the time of debate.  The next few things to occur will be laws that favor the few (misgendering and antimuslim laws in the UK), lawsuits that put people out of business (cake makers in the US) and encourage even more deeply destruction activities such as self declared socialists running and be elected to congress (US).

We now have a media in the US that ignores what doesn’t fit it’s leftist agenda.  We have agencies in our government that make regulations that use unfounded science and are more works of anti growth and alarmists than actually good for citizens.  We have a world that is experiencing an overall lack of perspective in what makes the system run smoothly and what will mire up its working properly.

In the end, we cannot fall back to the ways of yesterday, where a few held the power over the masses.  Free speech is the one unifying thing that makes us all equal.  But some, mainly the left, think that it is just for them.


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