Crabtree Falls, Blue Ridge Parkway

IMG_3695Just off the Parkway, a few miles from Carolina Hemlock Recreational Area is the Crabtree Falls campground and recreational area.  I recently visited the Pisgah National Forest to do some hiking and stayed at the campground. It was a great time and the weather was fantastic.  It is just off the Blue Ridge Parkway about 30 miles from Asheville, NC.  This is really in the middle of some of the best king on the east coast.  IMG_3548 The Appalachian Trail is not too far away and the Mountain to Sea Trail is just up the road.  For those who like to be outdoors and be entertained at the same time, this is the place.  After setting camp, it was a short trip to the Falls area and because we went on Thursday, there was very few people hiking the trail.   It is not a hard trail, but there are some constant wet spots due to the down hill nature of the trail, small streams are crossing it back and forth as they got toward the falls.IMG_3686

The  2.5 mile hike is downhill for the most part to the falls and uphill the way back.  It can be tough for those not used to hiking downhill for long periods and the return leg has some steep hills.  All in all, it is really an easy hike, take your time and spend some time at the falls.  You might never return.




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