Beech Mountain NC, High Country Fun!

Took a couple of days off to visit the High Country of NC.  Didn’t really have an agenda, just knew was free to do pretty much what I wanted.  IMG_3242

After spending some time down on the New River, I decided to visit Beech Mountain, just up from Sugar Mountain in the heart of NC Ski Country.   After taking an easy drive up past Boone and Banner Elk, I arrived at Beech Mountain and received directions to the village’s new hiking trails.  The Emerald Outback Trail System is close to the top of Beech and has been expertly created and maintained.  Although the trails are short compared to others in the region (AT for one), they are short, fun hikes that basically give you permission to drink a beer afterward during the day.  If you have never been to Beech, then at least take a day and visit, it has good mountain biking, great views, good food and of course the clean mountain air that everyone wants for their own.


I was able to spend some time with some locals that allowed me to reminisce about my time on the mountain without laughing at my memories.  You see, this was many years ago and most of the people on the mountain now are younger than I am.  Maybe they heard something about what I was telling them from their parents…..the horror!

My time on the mountain was short,  much to do this weekend, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.





Watch your six.

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