Trailer Build-Finishing up.

Still with me?  After you get the skin on, you now will need to put in the windows and doors, finish up interior items and install finishing touches.  Your windows and doors are pretty important so make sure you purchase quality ones which you can get online through ebay, amazon, etc.

I sealed my doors and windows with special RV caulk which is better than plain silicone.   It too can be purchased online.  At this point, you should be itching to try your new trailer out.  I waited until my mattress arrived and purchased my bedding.  I installed a dual power television and mounted it inside.  I also purchase a small computer stick which can be plugged into the television to give me the ability to get online when there was WiFi.  It works great and if no WiFi, use the antenna and see if you can get over the air tv.IMG_2739

My door for the kitchen was an idea from a friend.  I was going to put in two doors that would swing open.  After thinking about possible water intrusion, I opted to build a swing up door which can also double as a rain cover while cooking at times.IMG_2746


Finishing Thoughts at end of build……

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