Trailer Build Four-Wiring!


The installation of the power center is now here. I ran wiring to the battery under the trailer and pulled it up to the power center area. Now, with the power center installed, all that was left was attaching the wiring. Here are my individual circuits:

2 lights on exterior sides

2 interior reading lights, one on each side at head area

2 interior 12 volt plugs for cigarette lighter type appliances or USB items

2 kitchen 12 volt plugs for cigarette lighter type appliances or USB items

1 Fan

2 interior top lights

1 water pump

3 110 plugs, (2) on interior rear wall (1) in kitchen area160

The use of the power center is optional. I felt that with that many circuits, the use of straight 110 plugs and that all the wiring was enclosed in walls required the use of a power point that would give me more safety against fire and damage. The power center is a converter and can power your trailer from exterior power sources.169


Here is where you can get the Power Center.  Again the use is optional.  I overbuilt the trailer in many ways, because I could.  I didn’t want to be caught later wishing I had added more circuits or have to tear out something due to a short.  Just follow the directions, if you don’t feel comfortable with it, take the trailer to an electrician who has knowledge of 12 volt systems.

As you can see the trailer wiring and electrical system creates many different configurations of lights, power and convenience.   I also have an 2000 watt inverter that is stored under the kitchen table and another 500 watt inverter that is installed in the pull vehicle.  I carry a spare 12 volt battery (use it with my trolling motor on my kayak), a small lightweight generator and extension cords.  My generator has a 35 amp plug that connects to the side of the trailer.  Or I can use the plug and cord for campground electrical connections.

Later in the install I added a solar panel on top of the trailer and ran the wire through the wall and beneath the trailer.  It’s controller is in my (vented) battery box.  I am still working on a wiring harness to the battery so I can charge it on the road from the tow vehicle.



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