Trailer Build Five-Kitchen


The kitchen build was trial and error. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted and I knew the space I had was limited. So before I started building, I took everything I thought I would need in the kitchen area and laid it out. The items included many things:

Camp cook stove

Utensils (knives, forks, spoons, spatulas, etc.

Cutting board

Bowls, cups, plates

Napkins, Paper towels, washcloths, dish washing supplies

Water bottles, coffee supplies

Spices, Matches, Can Opener

Camp stove gas, grill brush, hatchet

Electrical cords, wasp spray, bug spray, cleaner

At this point, I wasn’t sure what would fit, and still needed to add what I thought would be important to have:

Water supply




Power connections159

I made some decisions that would hopefully be the right ones. I opted to for a 10 gallon water tank and connected it with a small 12 volt pump and faucet. I nixed the sink due to the need for space and drains. I didn’t think I would be using a sink that much and it took up too much room. I figured that I could always make a portable one. Since I had the pump, tank and faucet, I added an inexpensive shower head to the outside of the trailer. My reasoning was that it would be good to have to rinse off dirt before you got into the trailer. It could clearly be used to wash off dishes if there was a catch bowl.

Once I figured out what I really needed, I built the cabinetry to fit. I must admit, that I made a later decision that has worked out pretty good. On one of my trips, the wind was blowing pretty hard and my gas stove kept going out. It became a real pain in the you know what. So I removed some of the cabinetry and installed a small microwave. Other than the power that it drains from the battery, it really saves time and trouble for many meals. I also have an electric coffee pot that makes the mornings pretty good!

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