Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Anyone that has been on the Outer Banks makes time for one of the most famous lighthouses on the East Coast.  The Cape Hatteras Light House, built in 1870 is over 200 feet tall and has given sailors help in navigating the Outer Banks. IMG_2234

The Outer Banks is known as the graveyard of the Atlantic and it was so dangerous during WWII that it was nicknamed “Torpedo Junction.”  German U-Boats sunk many allied ships before they could gain the safety of the sound or open ocean.   The park has miles upon miles of empty beaches, where you can fish to your heart’s content or walk with the birds and the sun.IMG_2142   Take a book or two, not many towns to speak of along the seashore.  This is not your everyday beach trip.   Also along the shore is the Bodie Island Light House.  It too provided safe harbor for thousands of sailors the century.  It has a boardwalk which allows you to see the marsh area that surrounds it.  Other areas of interest may be the Wright Brothers National Memorial,  Fort Raleigh Historical Site and the Ocracoke Lighthouse.

I have also included the nightly picture of the moon, depending on cloud cover.  Just peaceful as it can be.


The trip is worth it, good for the soul.


Watch your six.


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