Merchants Millpond State Park

I had a few days off so I took to the road hoping to get in a few days of cat  The park is located near the Dismal Swamp in eastern North Carolina, near the Virginia state line. IMG_1945 The park is unique in that it sits in a wilderness area that protects it and allows many different animals and fauna to survive in it’s one of a kind habitat.  The park is home to the American alligator, numerous small animals, birds and many fish species.  My trip was just getting started when I had my kayak in the water and the pond all to myself.  Going on a weekday limits the crowds. IMG_1988 Unfortunately, I hadn’t been in the water more than a few minutes when thunderstorms hit the area.  So my water excursion was cut short.  I did however get to take a quick half mile hike around part of the pond.   This meant that I had more time at the campsite which like the lake, was a deserted.  I had a few minutes before the rain came and got some food in me.  The rain was slow and steady which meant that I was going to enjoy it and take a nap.   Since it was too wet and the weather not being cooperative, I stayed at the campsite and vowed to get up early to hike and hopefully get back in the lake. IMG_2042 The next morning, The weather was still a little unsteady so hiking was first.  I took a 2 mile hike around the edge of the pond which allowed for some solitude and reflection.  The park service has generously created a number of places to rest and sit to view the pond.  The trails were moss covered to a degree, which made the hike seem like a fairy tale.  I was unable to get back in the water, but wasn’t that much concerned since my next stop was the Dismal Swamp up the road.    The park is different than most parks in that it appears ancient and forbidding.  It should be on the bucket list of all people who love the outdoors.


The park is just one of many that the state of North Carolina has available to the public.  It will be one of your favorites if you go.

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