Morrow Mountain State Park

Just outside Asheboro North Carolina is the Uwharrie National Forest.  Part of the forest includes the Morrow Mountain State Park which has many trails and great views at the top of Morrow Mountain. IMG_1516  I visited the park a couple weeks ago at the time the park service was doing its annual burning of underbrush.  The park had a few trails closed but there were many open to hike.  I have included some trail pictures to show you how the park service eliminates the possibility of massive fires through the forest by burning the underbrush and leaves that have accumulated over the past year or so.

Because the fires slowly burn most of the underbrush, the opportunity for bigger fires is eliminated.  Fallen tires are ‘scorched” and soon become homes to small animals and insects.  The upper parts of the trees are safe and in a short period of time the fires are out and the forest recovers.   Maybe states like California can learn something from this.  Hats off to the park service employees for their hard work.  I also have included a couple of pictures to show you what it looked like this weekend, surprising different.

In some places the fires are not visible at all.  In others, the leaves that were still on the trees have fallen due to high winds and covered the scorched ground.   The hike this weekend was pretty good, cool weather and few people on the trails.   So it was good afternoon and impressive views at the top.

IMG_1683  Lake Tillery and Baden Lake up the road were both muddy from the rains that has hit the area for the past two weeks.   Regardless, it is hard to beat being outside enjoying one of your favorite past times.

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