Winter is here, Is it worth it?

Going to work after a snow storm isn’t worth it.

Last week a snow storm hit the area with more snow than forecast. It caused school and business closings, schedules to be trashed and more importantly, grief and pain for those that were not prepared.WP_20171209_11_47_51_Pro

With temperatures in the teens, it was a perfect time to test preparedness in my home and life.

I went to work (sorry, no getting a day off for me) and promptly saw a of citizens off the road and no way to get out of the snow drifts. I was able to help a couple of those that were not too far off the road but those that had lost control and left the road into the side ditches would require tow trucks.

So with that said, the first person I helped did not have anything in their car to help them get out of trouble. No blanket, no extra clothes, water, tools, etc.. There was nothing that they could use to help themselves. Another vehicle, a $50,000 truck with 4 wheel drive, had left the road after the driver over corrected and damaged its front bumper and bent a wheel. No going anywhere for him. I asked him what happened and he just sat there in disbelief that he wrecked. He also had little with him for protection from the elements.



Later in the day as the snow was ending and vehicles could move about easier, the side roads were the problem. As the temperatures dropped, subdivision roads that had not been plowed began to freeze over. I saw people stuck and walking home. Most had regular shoes on in the snow and coats that were lightweight and clearly not warm enough for temps that were mid teens. I saw two folks walking with no hats and hands in their pockets, maybe they didn’t have gloves.

Does this sound like something that you want to be caught up in? Probably not. Those that wrecked were going to a job that probably paid less than the damage was going to cost to fix their cars. How many fell while trying to get out or while walking home or to work? In weather like this, snow and ice is razor sharp and can cause deep cuts. How many have medical bills now?

Maybe a better thing to do is truly address the issue of not going to work. Unless you are a first-responder like I am, driving an agency vehicle, stay home. If you have to go out, be prepared. Heavy water boots, gloves and head wear are a must have. Water, properly charged cell phone, flashlight and tools should be included in your car kits along with blankets, tape, tarps, etc. The list is endless and can include literally everything that you can think of to combat emergency issues

It is a shame to have to see children that are freezing at at a crash site only because their parents didn’t prepare for the issue.

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