Hot coffee, quiet woods, food of life!

I was up near Table Rock a few weeks ago and decided to get out early and walk some dirt roads near the mountain.  After putting on a light jacket, my hiking boots getting a hot mug of coffee, I was on my way.  IMG_1232

There is something about walking in the forest that just eases my mind.  It really doesn’t matter what time of year it is, I love to see the scenery. IMG_1271 I will have to admit though, fall is my favorite.  Seeing the falling leaves, the early morning mist that can hide from vision things that in the bright light are normal and mundane.  As you walk you hear birds and small animals in the leaves.  The light is filtered with each step, giving you a different look every foot of the trail.

When I am hiking through the forest I can put my mind at rest.  No work, no worries. IMG_1243 It can be a special time, it can take you back to memories that you have forgotten, words that were spoken years before, memories that can bring emotion that is greater than the time suggests.  Each turn has the potential for a laugh or a tear.   But in the end, the trail seems to end and another smile escapes your lips when you realize that it has been a great morning already and the day is still young.   A walk in the woods will make you feel alive.  Go. Take some personal time.  Enjoy your accomplishments, admit your faults and failures.  Be you.

Watch your six,



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