Kayaking the French Broad River

A few hours drive to the Asheville Outdoor Center was all it took to began our 4 hour trip down the river.  We were met by a group of great employees that took care of everything.  The place had hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill for those that needed a pick me up before launch. IMG_3327 The drive to the let in sight was 7 miles up river and it was easy a pie to get into the river.  On this trip, I was with my brother and some friends from Charlotte.  The weather was dialed in at around 80 degrees with a cool breeze coming across the water.  For the month of July this was really great weather.  The water level on the river was about two feet in most places so not much bottoming out.  It was slightly murky from all the rain that had hit the headwaters a few days earlier. IMG_3335  As we started our “float” we made sure everyone was good to go with sunscreen, shoes and drinks.   After a few minutes of prep, it was on to the river!  As you can see, there weren’t many people on the river at the time we let in, we basically had the river to ourselves.  Continuing down the river we started to relax.

The water was cool and putting your feet in was heaven.  Further down river, we ran into some other floaters, as you can see this is a great river for tubing, waterboards, kayaks and canoes.  Their are plenty of places to stop and catch a quick snack or drink from your cooler.

It was perfect day for me,  mostly slow, limited paddling, good conversation and beautiful scenery.  Too soon it was time to get out of the river.  A quick change of clothes and a stop at one of the local eateries ended the day in Asheville.   Home and in bed, slightly sunburned, tired, and feeling content.   Just another great bucket list day.


Watch your Six.

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