Trailer Build Three

So now you the sides are up and now it is time to start thinking about enclosing the trailer top. At this point we have a trailer with sides, rear “frame” holding the sides together, and have cut out the window and door areas. 158Our sides have been scabbed with 1 x 1s around the openings and top to give support and to allow the installation for insulation and wiring. The interior walls made of luan were measured, cut and installed. Of course, insulation was included. I continued with the 1 x 1s across the top by using gorilla glue and screws. Leave enough space between the cross pieces to install the fan on the top.

I stopped at the rear wall so I could pull my wiring to my power point. I also wanted to concentrate on the top. After installing the interior skin, you will now have a enclosed sleeping area. I built storage areas and dry fit the exterior top. Because the interior top in on, you now have a “container for your insulation.164 Using rigid insulation, I cut and placed insulation into the spaces between the ribs. If you do a good job, you will definitely be able to tell that it works. Make sure you stain everything and seal it before you install. It will be much easier doing it now.

It is probably time to talk about wiring. Since I had no plans, I had no idea about wiring, lights, etc..

You may want to visit a RV center and just check out their smaller trailers for ideas or search the web. This might help with determining how much wiring you will need and how you are going to install it.167  As you may be able to see, I brought all my wiring to the rear part of the top.  If you have trouble remembering like I do, you may want to label all your wires as to the fixture so when you do your connections, you will have the right amount of amperage.   The rear part of the trailer top I left open so that I would be able to connect the wiring to the control panel.  I also had wiring coming up from the sides of the rear kitchen area.  To be honest, it was a challenge for me.  I had to re learn wiring for 12 volt instead of 110 house current.  168

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