Zion National Park-Breathtaking!

Just inside Utah, above the Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful parks in America.  The Zion National Park is literally as awe inspiring as the Canyon.    The park is very busy, it is visited by millions of people per year. You have to go regardless.   IMG_3021 As you start to get closer to the park the rock formations begin to take on a different hue, the lines of millions of years of erosion begin to show clearly from miles away.   Rock formations began to rise around you and can make you feel pretty small.  But unlike some large canyon type parks, the rocks are contrasted by the blue sky and appear as a photograph in your mind.  No claustrophobia, no boring blends of washed out colors, this is the real thing.  Can you imagine living below this?  The park allows for vehicles to enter after paying the fee, about $30 per car, but if you get a park pass, it will save you a bunch as you visit more parks. IMG_3033 The park has buses that will take you to most trail heads so you will not have to wait in lines that sometimes can get pretty long.  The park service doesn’t want too many at a time inside the park because of crowds that could damage the park.  It can also get pretty hot at times, so there is a safety factor there.   If you are camping, make your reservations way in advance, seriously with a couple of million visitors,  the spaces fill up quickly.  You can take advantage of some of the area hotels and spas, they are easier to get a room at compared to the limited camping spaces.   Hiking the park is dependent on your abilities and desires. IMG_3034 There are plenty of easy trails, some more that are higher rated and some that can tax even experienced hikers.  Take your water, how many times have you heard that?  Between these majestic peaks are canyons and stream beds. These might be your hiking spots or camping sites.   It is easy to get lost or hurt in the wild so remember to take the right gear along.  Remember too, that your time is here is probably short.  Soak it in and truly be thankful for being in the greatest land in the world.  IMG_3036

Just a little perspective as to how small we are in the grand scheme of things!


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