Homemade Teardrop

So you want to go camping?  Tired of tents?  Getting rained on?  Muddy equipment?  How about a home built trailer?

I have been camping for years, been pretty much around the country and hiked through many boots.  But nothing compares to a easy meal and a great bed when it comes to camping.  You get the great outdoors.  You get your fires.  You get to spend time with friends and family.  But when the sun goes down after a long day on the water or a great hike, you want to sleep without bugs, without rocks in back, without wind, rain and other elements.

A “teartdrop” trailer is your answer.  I was going to build a teardrop but after looking at many that are online, I decided to wing it and build my own design.  I was wanting something that could be used for many things.  I think I have been successful in building a camping trailer for two, a great simple kitchen design, huge storage, and simplicity.  Check out the build and let me know what you think.



Watch your six.

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