Bug out Gear- Too obvious?

I get it, you want to be prepared. You want the best and coolest gear.  So after a few thousand dollars, you look like a member of SEAL TEAM 6.  But what about all the other times when you are just waiting on the Apocalypse?  One of the best traits to have is to understand when to fight and when to run.

I guess if you were at your bug out cabin where you have 10,000 rounds available, where you have planted booby traps for those that are attacking you, where your walls are made of stone and steel 12 inches thick and where you have an exit plan in case you are overwhelmed, then going around in your gear makes sense.  But in reality, you are probably going to be at work or play when the crap hits the fan.  So how do you look “harmless” and at the same time be prepared for conflict?

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