Emergency Carry-Automobiles

You are your way home and the road is blocked. It could be for any reason, but you have to leave your vehicle. What would you like to have with you on your walk to safety?

Be mindful of the seasons, your kit is going to change as the weather changes. You can only carry so much.

  • Daypack with enough room to carry all items necessary to get home. Plenty to choose from.
  • Depending on weather, you need some extra clothes, the ones you have on might not be enough. Ask yourself what you would want to be wearing if you have to go into the woods.
  • Always have a coat of some kind and a hat. Regardless of weather.
  • Blanket, small tarp, rope, poncho
  • Flashlight and batteries. Carry 2 if possible.
  • Water
  • Knife, make it a good one
  • Extra shoes, preferable waterproof hiking boots, worn in. Extra socks.
  • Water and filtration method
  • First aid kit
  • Cellphone with charge pack
  • Radio, good hand held with f/m
  • Food, peanuts, MRE, Jerky


Most people can walk 5 to 10 miles before needed extended supplies. If it is cold, protect yourself by carrying gloves, earmuffs, warm hat, coat etc. If hot, carry lighter clothes and more water.

In all cases where you feel threatened or have training, carry the appropriate weapon and extra ammo. Make sure you have a holster and belt for your handgun. Putting it in a pocket is dangerous.

Get used to carrying those items that you would need if you are outside for extended periods. It could save your life or those you love.


Watch your six.


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