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Most of what you carry will be determined by what you are wearing and what you are doing.  Clearly, thinking that you can carry armor while at the beach makes no sense so carrying only those things that can be utilized quickly and effectively are paramount.  I suggest a really good flashlight.  You can spend less than $15.00  or over $50.00.  I choose the cheaper one here and bought 5.  This particular one is pretty good and I haven’t had any problems with them at all.  There are cheaper ones and I bought a few and most did not work and were not worth the trouble to send them back.  Of course a Streamlight Pro Tac is an excellent choice but requires unique batteries.  I like to stay with things that are simple.   A good knife or multi tool is a necessity.  Kershaw Knives are well known and well made.  For less than $30.00 you can get one that fits in your pocket.  You can get it here.   You may prefer carrying a multi tool.  The standard in the industry had been the Swiss Army Knife  but there are now really good tools made by Gerber and Leatherman.  These can be carried with all types of clothing.  Also I think that wearing shoes and socks is important, they will allow you to move quickly over a variety of surfaces.  Flip flops are a no no in public.  Wear them at your own peril.  Your pants and shirt are also important, you got to keep your hands free as possible and you will need places to put things in emergencies.  I usually wear 5.11 pants with cargo  pockets and a collared shirt.  In the summer, a tee shirt is fine.   At this point, you could run through woods or on a hot road to remove yourself from the situation if necessary and you can still carry much more.  You also have a flashlight for vision in low light levels and a signalling device.  And we know what the knife can be used for. Add you phone and a few more items and you could be better off than most.

This is where the differences come into play.  Some people advocate carrying items for each potential emergency.  I would rather carry items that fit many emergencies.  Besides the items carried on your body, (light, knife, concealed weapon, pen, belt, phone, multi tool) you might want to carry more things that would pass as normal gear.   Military style backpacks and web gear will make you stand out like a sore thumb.  Remember the fact that you are not in a position to keep up a sustained fight or resistance.  It is better to blend in and disappear.so you can get the odds of survival in your favor.

Don’t spend a lot of money if you don’t have to.  Check out Goodwill stores, consignment shops, etc.. They have plenty of  back packs and other gear.  But what do you want to carry now?  Many preppers advocate enough gear for 24-72 hours.  But in this case, I think enough to get me to a safe space first so I can regroup might be enough.  A light waterproof coat- I love this one, Frogtoggs waterproof jacket.   It works for EDC as well as all the sporting activities I do and takes no room at all in the pack.  There are others, but the pockets in this one work for me.   Probably want so food, so add some nuts, power bars, and or similar items.   Water is a necessary item and make sure the container can be resealed.   Depending on the size of your pack, you may have plenty of room left, but it is going to start weighing 15 pounds or more when you add in a rain tarp,  space blanket, medical kit, extra ammo, etc.

Since the emergency is going to help determine the response,  I have a few things that are always on my body, a few more things that are in a pack that is readily accessible, and plenty of other items in my car which i am either in or near most of the time.    In the end all of this is mute if you make bad decisions when SHTF.

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