EDC- Personal Choice, Each Different

Every Day Carry.  Just those words implies something bad has or will happen.  It has so many different needs and situations for everybody that  there is no correct EDC, bag or pack.  So let’s start with what the term means.  Every Day Carry or EDC is what you would like to have with you at all times or at least somewhat accessible to you 24/7.  It is going to be different if you are at work, at play, at home or on vacation.  It might have more or less items depending on the season, the time of day, your physical attributes, experience and goals.  Each of us have different styles of being aware of our surroundings and make allowances every second because of the need to actually live our lives instead of living in fear or concern.

That doesn’t mean much if you are caught in a hurricane or a drug deal gone bad.  You might be miles from home when the power goes out and the roads get blocked by traffic.  An accident at work, play or on the road could happen right in front of you and the need for you to act is necessary.   Or you might just have to fight your way out of an argument or a civil uprising.  You can only do scenarios for most of this stuff, but you can carry a few items that will help you in them all.

I think most people would agree that you carrying some basics, such as a flashlight, knife, cellphone, etc.. is necessary.  So let’s first talk about who is going to be our priority.  In a crisis, you might be alone, with loved ones or friends.  Each situation may need a different response.  Can you protect your loved ones or can they protect themselves?  Do you have enough to keep them safe and secure in the crisis?  Can you get them home or to a safe place?  Are they on board with your ideas?

There are plenty of prepper websites that can help with EDC contents.  Here we will go over some basics as to your car, person, work and play areas.  Remember, there is no wrong or right, there is however a penalty for not planning and it may be costly.

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