Let’s go fishing!

I will show my age here, but fishing used to be a Zibco 33 reel and fiberglass rod, only one, and some worms found in the woods.  A hook and bobber, cold Mountain Dew and some peanuts completed the gear.  The lake was just a few hundred yards from my home and took just a few minutes to get there and set up.  If you were lucky, you enjoyed a few hours of fishing with friends, maybe caught a bass or catfish and went home really happy.    Today, tens of thousands of dollars in gear, boats and accessories.  Maybe you fish out of a $20,000 bass boat, maybe a $3,000 kayak.  Or are you the guy that fishes offshore?  How about the angler that uses just a fly rod?Picture5

It really doesn’t matter does it?  No matter what is your preference, no matter how much or little your gear cost, the essence of fishing is spending quality time on or at water, trying to enjoy the opportunity to catch nature’s finest.   Of course there is the good eats too!  Catching your supper is not only a great talent but it makes you appreciate the fact that you can still do it.   With so many laws now on the books for hunting, it seems that fishing is still one of the most popular things you can do today when outdoors.

For those that are new to the game, our Gear Check area should have some good tips for you so you not only will enjoy the experience but maybe won’t have to break the bank. cebontrashrbrodie 008 For those experience anglers,  the opportunity is here to talk about your greatest catch or your best places to fish.   Lake fishing, stream fishing, river fishing, deep sea fishing, pond fishing, where ever there is water and something swimming in it (besides humans) are all game.   Boats, kayaks, SUPs, Flat Skiffs, Bass Boats, Canoes, Waders, it is all about getting on or in the water.  Lures, Worms, Plugs, Floats, Carolina Rigs and Spinners are just a fewof the thousands of options that you have to “catch” your fish, turtle, snake, old tire, weed or personal best catch.   Fishing is about the art, the zen, the feel, the snore, the sleep, the cool breeze and gnats.   How many of us have gotten upset while doing what we love?  Come by here often, I hope to have a lot of new content that works for all.  Maybe a new rod or reel.  Maybe a confession about falling in the water.  Nothing is off limits.




Watch your six.

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