Hiking the Blue Ridge Parkway

Pick a place, any place and start your hike.   Go as far as you like.  Go up, down, stay on the flat areas.  Look for woods, views, streams and lakes.  The Blue Ridge Parkway has it all.  I have hiked a good portion of the Parkway in North Carolina and parts of Virginia and it never gets old.  The park service does a great job of keeping the trails clear and accessible. DSC00652 The overlooks are nice and there are plenty of rest stops and camping areas.   If you want to go in the fall, you will see incredible views and foliage.   Sometimes you will be walking in a field, sometimes covered in tree canopy.  The Parkway was built many years ago on gov. acquired land so you will see old buildings that are the essence of our countries beginnings.  You might see an old cemetery or some of the multitude of wildlife that is abundant.  There are plenty of places to pull off if you are just taking a nice drive through  the mountains and restaurants are also periodically available to all. 

Sometimes you might just want to take some time to just enjoy the sights. At times it is overwhelming.  You might think like I do, this is one of the things that the US government actually got right.   There are some great small towns nearby the Parkway.  Boone, home to Appalachian State University is a very popular place to pull off and visit.  Their home football games are one of the most attended events in the area.  They can pack 25 to 30 thousand people in the stadium and many more outside.  Couple a game against Miami or Georgia and the colorful fall leaves, you will have tens of thousands of people in the area. Lot 37 Natalie Temple 024 So instead of rushing about and getting upset, just enjoy the ride and think about how much fun you are having.  You could be at work!   Blowing Rock has some of the finest restaurants in the mountains and is just off the Parkway.  It also has what locals like to think of as the best sunsets.  Those that went to school in Boone can attest an evening at the old “Hollies” restaurant was something special.   If you go in the winter, remember that some parts of the Parkway.  As you travel, try to think about how the same view would look in all the seasons.  The beautiful fall foliage is as pretty as anywhere in the nation.  The lush spring and summer in the Parkway is peaceful and relaxing.  The winter in some parts is harsh and uninviting, but is the backbone of the next season.  Lot 37 Natalie Temple 015



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