Maui, one of the Pacific’s gems.

Going to Maui was another check off on the bucket list.   Betty and I were to meet some friends of ours there and spend a week sightseeing.  Upon arrival on a puddle jumper from Hawaii, we were surprised at how comfortable the temperatures were.  Low 80’s and a breeze were the norm.    After settling in our condo, we made a beeline to the local store to stock up on snacks and drinks.  The town of has plenty of tour guides that will take care of all your sightseeing schedules for you. Just give them the places you want to see and they will either pick you up at your condo or hotel or you can just walk a few hundred yards to the central meeting spot.image25  No problems at all for the entire week.   I decided that scuba diving was in the my future while Betty took the more leisurely Glass Bottom boat tour.  The water is so clear that we both came away impressed.  Local fish, huge sea turtles, dolphins, and multicolored corral were the norm and  sunken boats were easily explored.   A  short while later we were in the sky being pulled by a boat.  Did I mention the great food?  Every were you go, from the small beach shacks to the coastal steak and seafood restaurants, the food was special.  Freshly caught fish and home grown beef made each meal one to remember. image2 We did decide to rent a car and travel around the island to get a more personal experience.  Our road trip was designed to take us to the town of Hain, at the end of the island.  Breathtaking views, crazy drivers (one lane road at times folks!)  Make sure you do some hiking, no bugs or snakes, a big difference from the places I normally hike. e also spent the day traveling up to Mount Haleakala traveling through th interior of the island to get there.  This is where you meet your locals, living the dream.  Hopefully, when you get to the top of the volcano, it will clear of any rain and you will get to see the sunrise.  Unfortunately, on this trip we had the every present rain.   A few short minutes later, as the sun continued to rise, the clouds burn off and you get a spectacular view of the crater and the surrounding sea.  A high point of the trip was the 20 plus bike ride down the mountain, all downhill, all with a breeze in your face.  Stop if you can, take your pictures and truly enjoy the ride.

Our last day was spent on the beaches, just lazily walking enjoying the views.  That night, the Luau!  I had watched the staff prepare the food earlier in the day and couldn’t wait for the evening to began.  There was too much to eat, to little to drink, and the show ended way to early, but our flight was in the morning and it was time to to say aloha to Maui.

The bucket list never gets smaller, we just rearrange the places and things to our liking!  Maui, back on the list!



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