Grand Canyon, Southern Rim

As part of my recent trip through Arizona and New Mexico, I traveled to both the Southern and Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Of course, no picture can capture the awesome beauty of one of our nation’s greatest treasures.  But there is more to the Canyon than just the views at the top.  Head down the mule trails and feel the canyon enveloping you.  It is hot and cool at different times of the day, but it is never boring.  Around each bend is another “catch your breath sight.” image26

You may catch some of the area’s wildlife as you are nearing the top.  My girlfriend was just walking around and the mule deer just walked up to her.  Although they are friendly, please don’t feed them.  You won’t be there this winter and they will be.  Let them forage on the abundant plant life and native nuts and berries instead of your nachos.   When you are ready to get to the top and catch a view, there are literally miles of overlook areas.   Some are near the lodge and some are along the road as you traverse the canyon. image15 Be careful, in most cases no railings are provided and many people have fallen to their deaths trying to get that perfect picture.  image7 Here is a picture of one of the mule trails that leads down to the Colorado River.  That is a pretty long trip down and an even longer trip back up.  We spent the night at a local inn after getting our fill of sights and continued on towards the Lake Powell area the next day.  I guess you could say that there are going to be more trips to the canyon in the future, this one just wasn’t long enough. image33 Give yourself enough time to do some good sightseeing while you are there.  Take a thousand pictures, you will be glad you did.

The next leg of our trip was the Lake Powell recreation area in the Navajo Nation.


Watch your six.

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