Hiking boots galore, what to buy?

Does it need to be said that your hiking boots can make all the difference in a great or terrible hike?  I am probably the worst when it comes to thinking about my boots because I have so many pairs.  I have always had a fear of not being able to have another pair of shoes because my family wasn’t the richest around.  That is not to say I didn’t have shoes, but more that I would wear the crap out of the ones I had, using them as all around shoes until they fell apart.

All that did was create bad habits as to which shoes I should wear.  Of course, basketball had its shoes as did football and baseball.  But you could easily see me hiking in my daily wear shoes because they felt good.  That didn’t mean they were the best only that before the hike started that would be the pair I picked.  Now, a lot older and little wiser, I know that shoes are really important.  A blister or a turned ankle while on a long overnight hike is murder for the trip and you.  So my thinking has now turned to which shoe company makes the best shoe for me?   Is it the boots that I have bought for years or something new?  Years ago while in college, I bought a pair of genuine leather, heavy, hiking boots.  Since I wore them everywhere, to work, to school, while hiking, I just thought they were good overall boots.  After a few years, they finally succumbed to the wear and tear by coming apart at the seams.  Can’t say I didn’t get my monies worth. Now we all have multiple options and I have tried them all.

The problem for me is that I haven’t been able to find a boot that gives me stability, wear and comfort at the same time.  Many of the more recognizable names that you can buy at the box stores are usually missing one or more of the things I need.  So I end up buying a shoe that I don’t get good wear out of or comfort over the long haul.  This time, I decided to take some advice and try Asolo hiking boots.

After getting my foot properly sized (this was a shocker, my foot had grown a1/2 size@) I tried on a pair of Asolo Zion WP hiking boots.   I must say that the boot seemed to fit like a glove when I put my foot in it.  I have been having problems with my current boots not giving me the stability that I like.  IMG_3177They seem to be lose around the back of the heel causing the boot to move under my foot when I am on uneven ground.  Over the past few hikes, my foot and ankle are very sore because of it.   The Zion has a “cup” around the heel and my foot slipped in it and didn’t move at all.  The boot is also narrow in the back which would make you think that it would not support as much.  I am 6’2″ and 250 lbs. and not only was it lighter, it did a better job of supporting me on uneven ground.  The boot is waterproof and that is a bonus in that I am always around water.

So I took the boots with me on my recent trip out west.  Needless to say,  I put some wear on them, from Zion National to Bryce Canyon and more.  They fit like a glove and didn’t have the “wobble” that my other boots have.  I tried them on big hills, rocky terrain, water and sand and they were great.  I will also have to say that there was just a little amount of pain that was created when I tied them tight.  The front of the boot was locked down pretty good so it would give me the best support on ledges and after a few hours I could tell that the boot was pressuring the top of my foot.  When I took the boot off however, no blister, no red spots on my foot so I guess my sock might have become bunched in the shoe.   Maybe that is a good topic for another Gear check article!

I recommend the Asolo Zion WP hiking boot for beginners who want a good long lasting boot and to those true warriors that want perfection in their footwear.  You can get a pair Asolo Zion WP Hiking Boots here.


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