Arizona, too little time, too much to see.

A few weeks ago, I was in Phoenix for some awesome training with the US Marshall Service.  I took some additional time off and traveled through the state with my brother Randy.   We started in Phoenix and went up towards Sedona.  Our first stop was in Prescott.  We arrived about mid afternoon and took in the sights.   I guess everyone needs to stop by Whiskey Row, good eats, cold drinks and great conversation seems to be the norm.  Prescott has a Norman Rockwell painting type of center square with stores for those that are tourists to the more refined.  IMG_2986  I must say the special of the day, a homemade pizza and 20 oz. craft brewed beer went down pretty easy after spending the day goofing off.   Okay, I lied, I had more than one beer.   Even so,  the people are friendly and I met some new friends.    All in all, a great time for such a short trip through the town.  Prescott is like a college town where everybody has endless energy and are expected the days to never end.  Check it out on your next trip, just give it more time than you think.     We then continued towards the Grand Canyon with Jerome, AZ. on our minds.   Both my brother and I had purchased some special items on our last trip there and were hoping to see even more beautiful works of art and jewelry from the local crafts folk. IMG_3006 We arrived about an hour before noon and were able to  shop for awhile before settling down to a cold one and good food.   The town is set up on a mountain top and overlooks a huge bowl.  Pictures really cannot do justice to the beautiful long range mountains that are in the distance.   Think back a hundred or so years and see yourself on a horse and needing to get “over there.”  Our ancestors were a hardy bunch compared to us.     As we drained our glasses, it was off to the even more beautiful scenery of Northern AZ.    Everybody has seen the beautiful red rock formations of Sedona, but they always impress!  IMG_3011

The small town of Sedona has everything the casual visitor would want from great shopping to incredible views.   You can eat your first buffalo burger there!   Just get off the main street and go.  Roads that lead you to spectacular sights and if you are lucky, a  never to forget Sedona Sunset.    Pictures are never as great as the real thing.  So after some good sightseeing, it was time for a catch up on sleep.    IMG_3010 As was our desire from the start, we wanted to see the small towns off the main drags, towns that might have missed the last few years of highways and growth.  So we keep on driving and got to Page, AZ and spent some quality time catching up on our sleep.  The next few days were going to be filled with early mornings, great hikes, and awesome scenery.  It was also going to give me the chance to test out some new hiking boots from Asolo.  It seems that I have worn out boots faster than most people, with even some of the big name brands not fairing well on my feet.   I look forward to the next few days to see if my purchase was a good one.

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