Key West FL.Trip

I recently went to Key West with my brother Randy and my girlfriend Betty.  We had flights that were cancelled because of a massive snowstorm that was hitting the South.  We spent a day or so waiting to see if the airlines would reopen, going as far as rerouting through Atlanta.  But, those flights were also cancelled and it looked like the trip was a bust.  Although we all had taken the time to get off work, the only way we could get there was to drive.  So drive it was to be.  img_2255 We left Winston Salem and barely got to the South Carolina line before the snow started.  Another hour into the trip actually got us past the first big wave of storms coming up from Georgia and it appeared that we would miss most of the bad weather.  Fifteen hours later, we are in the Keys, 80 degree weather, blue skies and lots of water.   One hour or so later we were encamped in our condo and had a cool drink in hand.   After getting a few hours sleep, we started exploring.  Randy and I had been to the Keys many times before so this was not a new experience, but Betty had never been.  She was taking in all in and enjoying every minute.   After a good meal at one of the many restaurants on the island, we walked around and took in the sites.   After a few hours it was time to get some more sleep so we could go fishing the next day.  img_2272

We took a charter out past the shipping channels and proceeded to catch about 20 fish or so.  We got back, had them filleted and took them home.  Betty spent the day getting to know more about the island.  Later that night, we a great meal with the entree of our freshly caught fish.  Is there anything better than that?

The next day we spent doing the tourist thing, just going from shop to shop, more fresh fish, a few adult beverages and lots of sun.  Just beginning to get relaxed.  Not thinking about answering emails from work.  A couple more days of rinse and repeat and we now think we want to live there.

If you have ever had a week like we did, you really don’t want to go back home.   But our time was up and we needed to pack up, grab some Key West sand and head home.  Once home, we found out that our area had about 2 feet of snow causing all kinds of trouble while we were gone.  All we could do was show our tan lines and wink!


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