Pilot Mountain, NC trip

Since Pilot Mountain is so close to my home, it is a favorite destination when I am just needing to get away, even during the week.  I can hook up the trailer in a few minutes and be at the campsite in less than an hour.   During the week, with less people at the park, you can relax and not be bothered at all. img_2910 If I get off at noon from work, I can be hiking in less than two hours up the winding trails to the Summit or take a lower trail which brings me to the Yadkin River.   Rock climbing is also available but it is hard to find someone to go with during the week.   Imagine having a campground all to yourself.  Many a day and night have been spent at Pilot Mountain.  Just the right temperature in Spring and Early Fall, a perfect place to start a fire and have a good read.  By the time the morning comes,  I can be back at work most of the time on time.


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