Hanging Rock Day Two

The sun came up early and I wanted to get out to the mountainside before others got on the trails.  The day before I had been able to hike without seeing many other hikers.  This day the weather was cool and clear.  I started by going to a trail on the other side of the park, passing a few bike riders along the way.  I needed to hit the  trail hard since I had family coming up to hike the summit later that day.  Needless to say, it was a great hike, good clean trails, good picture taking.

When I got back to camp, I fixed some lunch and my visitors arrived.  After eating again (food is never truly put up while camping), we left for the summit.  On this trail, we met about 50 or so hikers coming and going.  After a rest for the smaller members of our party, we got to the summit and enjoyed the view.  After resting a few minutes and taking time to truly be thankful for our good fortune, we hiked down to the campsite.

Another fire, this time a little bigger, some good food (hamburgers) and some smores meant the end of our day. img_2796 The temps again had dropped and the bed seemed just a little warmer, a little more comfortable and sleep came easy.

My final day was short, it was time to pack up and go home.   After saying goodbyes and promises of doing it again soon, we leave Hanging Rock for home.   If you get a chance, visit the park and enjoy all it has to offer.






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