5 things I learned about Prepping!

If you say prepping in the wrong circles, you might get that,”he’s crazy” look or you might get a call from the FBI.  No doubt the term prepping has went full circle.  Those that want to prep and feel the need to prep have some very powerful feelings about it.   Those that don’t, let’s just say they are entitled to their own opinion.


5 things I learned about prepping

  1. People want to sell you a lot of junk.   Amazon and ebay are just two online sites that have thousands of prepping items for you to spend your hard earned money on.  Gear that seems to good to be true usually is.  Buy what you need, what you will use and buy quality.
  2. It can be habit forming- I now attempt to look at all my purchases as part of the preparedness plans I have. I rotate, change and adjust quantities of the things that I can use in a crisis.
  3. It is a lifestyle-It becomes a way of life. It forces you to look at your daily actions in a different light.  It makes you more aware and more energized each day of your surroundings.
  4. Others don’t get it- How you sit at a restaurant, what you keep on you and in your car marks you as different. Some people go through life as potential victims and are happy about it.
  5. Makes me sleep better- The best part is that by doing some simple planning you can possibly avoid many mistakes and in a crisis, save your life and those of you love.

Watch your six,


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